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 Videos of the Week: Meet the FitU Team, Pushups!


What is FitU?

(Our sixth founder, Dan, is also a part of the FitU team, but not shown in the pic above)

FitU is the #1 destination for college students to shop for in-dorm fitness equipment, health products, and supplements all in one quick location. All products are sold at the cheapest, most affordable prices available. Our product lineup was specifically selected to promote quick and easy in-dorm workouts, as well as nutrition that's high-quality, healthy, portable, and inexpensive.

FitU was created by 6 fitness-savvy, health-obsessed NYU students for our entrepreneurship class. Even though health, fitness, and nutrition are really important amongst certain circles of college students, we've noticed that the majority tend to pass up health and fitness in favor of convenience, ease, and freedom in their schedules. We know you're busy, that's why health and fitness shouldn't be a burden, they should be something that's easily incorporated into anyone's lifestyle. FitU provides the products, the information, and the tools to create an effective workout and nuitrition routine all in the convenience of your dorm room or apartment. FitU makes fitness, health, and nutrition a practical and affordable reality!

Also check out The FitU Blog (, which provides reviews of our products, in-dorm workout ideas, and ways that you can get the healthy, fit body you've always wanted.

FitU supports Relay For Life and will donate all proceeds to their charity. We're also working with Warrior Fitness Boot Camp in Manhattan.